I am RJH - a computer science student at the University of Texas at Dallas. Here you will find a collection of tutorials I have put together using AVR microcontrollers in both C and Assembly language. In addition, I have a showcase and source code for many of the projects I have built using AVR microcontrollers.

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AVR Assembly

	.include "m328pdef.inc"

	.org 	0x00
main:	sbi	DDRB,PINB0		; set PINB0 to output
	sbi	PORTB,PINB0		; set PINB0 output high

loop:	rjmp	loop



int main(void)
    DDRB |= (1 << PINB0)	// set PINB0 to output
    PORTB |= (1 << PINB0)	// set PINB0 output high



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